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Online application to join a Havurah

What Is A Havurah? A Havurah is a group of VBS members that gathers together to socialize, celebrate Jewish holidays, learn more about Jewish subjects, or take on any focus that the group chooses. The Havurah meets in members’ homes or places such as a museum, park, restaurant or theatre. Havurah activities include potluck dinners, holiday celebrations, working on a volunteer project or attending synagogue activities together.

Why Join A Havurah? Valley Beth Shalom is a large community. Being part of a Havurah is a great way to have the warmth and support of a close-knit community. It is an opportunity to develop friendships with others who share similar interests. For years VBS members (especially new members) have found that by joining a Havurah they have developed an extended family at VBS. Havurah members can be counted on to both celebrate lifecycle events together and when necessary provide comfort and support during times of sadness, illness and loss.

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For further information or questions, please contact Melissa Randall