VBS NextGen

Looking for what’s next in young Jewish LA?  

VBSnextGen is a home for young Jews at Valley Beth Shalom: providing a platform to lead, make a difference, form lasting friendships, cultivate Jewish life and help build the future VBS family. From couples to singles, to post-grads in their 20's, we offer programming for all aspects of the VBS young adult community. 

We believe that a meaningful life is best lived in community. Jewish learning and practice can transform – it can change lives, give purpose, and invest people in the world. VBSnextGen is our path for connection, transformation, and social action.

To accomplish this, VBSnextGen offers a range of monthly events, including:

  • Large Events – Bar Nights, Holiday Celebrations, Bowling Parties, Dodger Game Outings, Wine Tastings, and more!

  • Intimate Shabbat Dinners – 8-15 people at Private Homes

  • Community Outreach – Do some Mitzvahs, meet some Menches!

  • PLUS – Discounted VBS Membership!

    From Shabbat dinners to Havdalah Bar Nights, VBSnextGen is a place to build a connected, spiritually alive Jewish community in the San Fernando Valley.  A strong connection to community is a way to ensure lifelong connections with friends and Judaism.  That’s why we’re building avenues for connection, transformation, and social action.

    We offer three main avenues to get to know the group - email us at [email protected] to get your schmooze on with a nextGen coffee date, sign up for a private Shabbat dinner or join us for one of our larger events. We hope you can join us soon!

    Please CLICK HERE to contact VBS NextGen via e-mail, or contact Rabbi Noah Farkas ([email protected]) or Jonathan Maseng ([email protected]).

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Friday Night by Candlelight
Friday, March 22 at 8:00 PM
A romantic Shabbat dinner date night led by Rabbi Noah Farkas. Registration required. Fee. Drinks and delicious steak dinner catered by LA|Kosher Catering.

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