Adult Israeli Dance

Susan Gilboa

Since Biblical times, Jews have expressed joy through dance. Dance has always been a part of religious, communal, and family celebrations. Israeli dance creates a cultural link shared by Jews around the world. Whether you are dancing the dances of the halutzim (the pioneers), or the modern dances of today, you feel the heartbeat and rhythm of Israel and its people. 

Susan North Gilboa, an Israeli Folk Dance Teacher certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education/Arts, has been bringing her love of dance to children and adults for the past 36 years. Through dance and movement she teaches our culture, traditions, holidays, liturgy and the history of Israel to dancers of all ages and skill levels.  

Come dance with Susan and a wonderful group of dancers on Monday evenings and learn not just steps of Israeli dance, but reasons behind the movements and the feelings expressed by them.

Adult Israeli Dance Classes Registration Forms can also be found in the flyer rack in the VBS hallway. Fees are pro-rated depending on how far along into the year classes have passed. Please submit completed forms to Wendy Perlmutter in the VBS office. You can reach Wendy with any questions at (818) 788-6000 or click here to email her.