About ECC

Thank you for your interest in the VBS ECC.
We look forward to welcoming your entire family to our school.

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Our ECC Directors have extensive experience supporting children, parents and teachers. Our roots are deep. Our expert teachers (2-3 per classroom) provide essential guidance, helping children discover passion and intrinsic motivation. We are inspired by the philosophy of Reggio-Emilia and create rich opportunities for inquiry-based learning. Children are encouraged and supported at their own pace by our teachers and educational specialists. 

Collaborative, long-term projects and a curriculum that is responsive to children’s interest provide a meaningful context for discovery. As a result, learning becomes deeply integrated into children’s hearts and minds. 

We have a dedicated full-time Outdoor Classroom specialist so that learning opportunities are expanded into the great outdoors through play and engagement via all five senses and the natural environment.

To learn more about the VBS ECC, please call (818) 788-0567.

ECC Administrators

Abby Andiman Mars, Early Childhood Center Director
Phone: (818) 530-4050
Email: [email protected]

Renee Kalmanson, Assistant Director
Phone: (818) 530-4021
Email: [email protected]

Claire Berger, Director of Admissions and Communications
Phone: (818) 530-4030
Email: [email protected]

Molly Mills, Infant-Toddler & Family Center Director
Phone: (818) 530-4031
Email: [email protected]

Nicol Katzir, Director of Student Support Services, ECC and Day School
Phone: (818) 530-4073
Email: [email protected]

Sam Miller, Special Programs & Projects Coordinator
Phone: (818) 530-4051
Email: [email protected]

Nora Ora Tahvili, Operations and Admissions Manager
Phone: (818) 530-4053
Email: [email protected]