Etz Chaim Learning Center

Valley Beth Shalom’s Etz Chaim Learning Center has one primary goal: teaching our students to "be Jewish." You will find as you read through these pages, we approach this sacred endeavor through an active and inclusive learning environment, warm and inspiring teachers, and partnership with parents. We are very proud to offer a variety of programs that meet particular needs of students and their families. We invite you to meet with us and visit any of these outstanding programs.

Being Jewish Means
...being a part of something bigger than oneself
...sharing in a profound and unique history, ideology, and vision of the future
...inheriting a precious legacy that informs one’s daily identity, self-esteem, and spiritual potential a meaningful life, aspiring toward holiness

Being Jewish is not merely what we are, but how we are.  Judaism provides us with a dynamic view of life, infusing everything with meaning and connecting each of us with a sense of being a part of something much bigger than ourselves alone.  It encourages a joyful manner of living, it fosters an enduring commitment to prayer and study (Tefilah and Torah), and it promotes a sensitivity and respect for others and the world, leading to the desire to take responsibility for each other and ourselves (Chevra and Gemilut Chasadim).  This Jewish view of life directs our attitudes and behavior, ultimately guiding us to become self knowing, productive, and good human. 


2017/2018 Etz Chaim Learning Calendar:

VBS ECLC featured in the Jewish Journal
"VBS learning center aims to get kids excited about Hebrew school" August 2017
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