Teen Programming

Teen Programming

There are tons of options for teens at VBS! Grade 7-12 can participate in programming varying from Leadership, Education, Social Action, Israel Advocacy to Travel, Artistic, Athletic to just plain old social fun! 

New Programs for the 2019-2020 Calendar Year:

7/11 This year, 7th Graders will get to experience their B'nai Mitzvah year with an older mentor in 11th or 12th Grade. One to two Wednesdays a month, we will meet between 4-6pm inside the Zickline Lieberman Youth Center. 7th Graders will be assigned a mentor and meet with them in the first hour. Second hour, one of our mentors will teach the a group a talent. Talents include, Israeli Dancing, Electric and Accoustic Guitar, Imrprov, Skateboarding, Basketball tricks, Fashion Design, Jewelry Making, etc. Contact Camryn Kruger to learn more: [email protected]

VBS ChaiFormall known as VBS USY, VBS Chai is teen programming for all 7-12 Graders. Activities include Shabbat Dinners in the Zicklin Lieberman Youth Center or family homes, Saturday night Havdalah and fun (Escape Rooms, Bowling, Universal City Walk, etc) and SATO Sundays (social action and volunteer opportunities). Events vary in price from $5-$25 and there's no fee to be involved. Members and Non-members are encouraged to participate! 

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