Teen Tuesday FAQ

Q:  What is Teen Tuesday?

A: Teen Tuesday is a weekly evening program designed for our post-b’nei mitzvah teens to spend time learning together and building their own unique community as Jewish adults within our congregation.


Q: Who can join Teen Tuesday?

A:  Anyone from 8th-12th grade is welcome.  You do not need to be a VBS member to join. 


Q:  When is Teen Tuesday?

A:  We meet on Tuesday nights from 6:00-8:30.  Our first class of the 2016-2017 year is September 13th, with a kick off on September 6th. Our last class of the year is May 29th. You can download our single-page, printer-friendly Youth Department calendar, with Teen Tuesday nights marked, here.


Q:  What does a typical Teen Tuesday night look like? 

A:  6:00-6:30            Dinner in the Youth Lounge

      6:30-7:25            Classes divided by age group

      7:25-7:35            Brief break

      7:35-8:30            Electives

Once a month, after dinner, instead of the usual class schedule, our USY board leads us all in “Lounge Night” activities. 


Q:  What types of classes are offered?

A:  The core classes are broken up by grade level.   

8th grade has the very special opportunity to learn with our rabbis.  The subject matter changes throughout the year as our different rabbis rotate through and share the opportunity to teach our most recent b’nei mitzvah. 

9th grade discusses and learns about Jewish Values with Rebecca Grossberg. 

10th grade studies the people and the land of Israel with Nick Greene. 

11th and 12th grade have their own schedule of programming with Rabbi Feinstein called AP VBS.   For electives, we offer basketball with Nick Greene, Jewish arts with Rebecca Grossberg, and cooking with Dan Corsun. 


Q:  What is served for dinner?

A:  We serve only kosher certified food.  We try to offer a variety of dinners, from pizza to pasta to salads to barbecue in the summer and soups in the winter.  We ask that students not bring in non-kosher foods. 


Q:  What is the cost of tuition for Teen Tuesdays?

A:  Tuition is $600 for members and $800 for non-members.  This includes the cost of dinner. 


Q:  How do I sign up?

A:  You can download the application here, or you can stop by the youth lounge and fill out an application in person.