Kinnusim and Conventions

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for USYers from around the region and country to come together.

Several USY Chapters host a kinnus (3 different ones) at their synagogues. These are weekends where over 300 teenagers come from all over the Region to celebrate Shabbat together through study, prayer, song and dance. There is usually a special social Saturday Night Program and Sunday is usually dedicated to a SATO project. Kinnusim are extremely popular and there is almost always a waiting list.

In the fall, Far West Region hosts LEAD - Leadership, Education And Development, a weekend retreat for leaders of the Chapters and the Regional Board.

Other weekends during the year are the Religious leader's Shabbaton (a Shabbaton devoted to working with the Religious leaders in each Chapter), the Heschel Shabbaton (a Shabbaton devoted to learning for those USYers who want a little bit more serious study) and Hechalutzim (a Shabbaton devoted to learning about Israel).

There is also Regional Convention over Memorial Day Weekend where over 450 USYers come together to celebrate Shabbat, study, pray, play and elect the Regional Officers for the following year.

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