Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis

A Sense of Tragedy

Whoever refuses to acknowledge past tragedies and pain, searching only for life's pleasures, robs himself of the greatest pleasure of all: the gratification and fulfillment which come from the joy of using to its fullest, all which is still his. Yizkor, 1997.

Self-Revelation: Hiding and Seeking

Shavuot - Yizkor

by Harold M. Schulweis

The holiday of Shavuot is dedicated to revelation. Revelation implies that something is concealed. The human thirst and hunger for revelation is pervasive.

Somehow we sense that there is something more beneath the surface of things. The world is not what it appears to be. There is something deeper, hidden beneath the appearances of the world.

The world is too flat. Is that all there is, the accumulation of things: more toys, more games, more property?


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