The Braun Family Shabbat Shira

The Braun Family Shabbat Shira, is a musical program that takes place at Valley Beth Shalom on the Friday evening that corresponds to the Torah Portion Beshalach.

Past programs have included presentations of new musical compositions by Jewish Composers, many from the Los Angeles area.  Additionally, music has been been presented by the Valley Beth Shalom choir, Composer and Cellist Robert Een, VBS Music Director Chris Harden and his Jazz Trio, VBS Cantors Phil Baron and Herschel Fox, and others. 

At the "Living our Legacy—Celebrating the Best of Valley Beth Shalom" event in June of 2015, the Shabbat Shira program was designated "The Braun Family Shabbat Shira" in honor of the Braun's 5 generations of membership at Valley Beth Shalom and for their significant contributions to the development of the beautiful music that is a cornerstone of our worship and our community.