Rimonim is the Hebrew word for "pomegranates." Every pomegranate holds hundreds of seeds full of vibrant color, sweetness, and vitality waiting to burst forth into the world. Jewish tradition teaches us that the seeds inside each pomegranite represent the 613 good deeds that one must accomplish in life. Just as one good deed leads to another, we hope that this sacred musi implants in you the seeds to inspire your own acts of loving-kindness.

Join with us on the second Friday of each month for a musical Shabbat service that reaches into your soul through song, prayer, and dance. Dress is casual, and the service is open to everyone. Come as you are. Leave transformed.

rimonim_2018-19.jpgRIMONIM 2018 DATES
Friday, September 28
Friday, October 12
Friday, November 9
Friday, December 14

Friday, January 11
Friday, February 8
Friday, March 8
Friday, April 12
Friday, May 10
Friday, May 17 Senior Siyyum Dinner
Friday, June 14


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Listen to the Rimonim soundtrack now:
Produced by Cantor Phil Caron and Chris Hardin

1. Fly Away (Ara Dinkjian)
2. Shalom Aleichem (Shmuel Brazil)
3. Y'did Nefesh (Ehud and Sara Zweig)
4. L'chu N'ran'nah (R. Zirotkin)
5. Shiru L'Adonai (Psalm 96) (Shlomo Carlebach)
6. Ohr Zarua (traditional)
7. Shiru L'Adonai (Psalm 98) (Moshe Nathanson)
8. Havu L'Adonai (Shlomo Carlebach)
9. L'cha Dodi (Phil Baron and Chris Hardin)
10. Ahavat Olam (Eric Mandell)
11. Mi Chamocha/Malchutcha (Stephen Schwartz, Phil baron and Noreen Green)
12. V'shamru (Moshe Rothblum)
13. Chatzi Kaddish (Phil Baron)
14. Aleinu (Phil Baron and Chris Hardin)
15. Adon Olam (Phil Baron and Chris Hardin)