High Holiday Parking & Rideshare Options


View complete parking information below.
With very limited parking options during the High Holidays, we encourage you to carpool or
rive to VBS with Uber, Lyft or Go Go Grandparent! We have special Lyft and Go Go Grandparent
 discounts and a designated drop off and pick up area just outside the front entry on Densmore.


Sinder Lot
Between Densmore and Gloria, south of Moorpark:
Entrance on Densmore Avenue, north of Ventura Boulevard. Tandem parking is necessary to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles. If you park behind another car in a tandem space, you MUST leave your keys in your car. The “first” car to park in a tandem space must pull all the way in. Parking attendants will be in the Sinder Lot at all times for assistance. In the spirit of the High Holidays, please be courteous when entering and exiting this lot. Second Service attendees will not be permitted to park until all the cars from First Service have left.

Street Parking
Certain street parking restrictions are “relaxed” in the neighborhood during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The City of Los Angeles will not enforce street cleaning, time limits or preferential parking restrictions on the following streets in our neighborhood: 4300 to 5000 blocks of Densmore Avenue; 4600 to 5000 blocks of Gloria Avenue; Morrison Street and Addison Street between Densmore and Haskell; and 15800 block of Moorpark Street. However, please note: Meters, Tow Zones, Hydrants and other SAFETY VIOLATIONS will be enforced. Meters on Ventura and on Densmore must be respected. Please do not block our neighbors’ driveways when street parking.

Overflow Parking
On the morning of First Day Rosh Hashanah and on Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur, LIMITED overflow parking will be directed to Level P4 of the underground lot in the Encino Terrace Office Building located between Gloria and Densmore at 15821 Ventura Blvd. Take a parking ticket and have your ticket validated at the USHER TABLE in the VBS main hallway. 

Parking Accommodations and Valet Parking for Disabled Drivers
A limited amount of disabled parking will be available in the Sinder Lot. Two golf carts driven by a parking attendant will be available for those needing assistance crossing Densmore. Additionally, VBS is pleased to provide complimentary valet service ONLY for drivers with valid, state-issued disabled parking placards. 

To Drop Off: Pull your car onto Densmore Ave just south of the Security Booth on the east side of the street.

For Pick Up: Proceed to Moorpark Street (one block just north of VBS) at the southwest corner of Moorpark and Densmore Ave to give your ticket to the valet driver. 

Signs will be posted for valet drop off and pick up areas. Please note that valet pick up service may take some additional time after given the post-services traffic in the area. A limited amount of bench seating will be available in the waiting area. Thank you for for your patience.