Sell your Chametz

One of the mitzvot involved in preparing for Passover is "selling chametz." By completing the form below, you are allowing VBS clergy to act on your behalf by symbolically "selling" any leavened goods in your home. The clergy then write a Shtar Mekhirah (document of sale) and those leavened goods are then considered no longer in your possession throughout Passover. 
To complete this mitzvah online, please fill out the form below. Online submissions for the sale of chametz are due by Thursday evening, March 29 and are in effect starting at 11:55am on Friday, March 30, 2018. If you would like to fill out a form in person, please visit our main office during business hours.

Once your Chametz is "sold", it is traditional to buy it back with a contribution to tzedakah, a worthy cause. Please consider a contribution to VBS to support the important work we do for our community. 

Please list above the location of Chametz in the home.
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