Adding Meaning to Life


It was 1950. A handful of Jewish families moved an old schoolhouse to a site on Sepulveda Boulevard in Encino. They cleaned and painted it, set up folding chairs, and established a synagogue. They took turns serving as rabbi and cantor, taught their own children for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and conducted their own services. A few years later, they moved around the corner to an old motel. The building was too hot in summer, too cold in winter, the seats were uncomfortable, and the prayer books ragged. There was nothing professional or organized in the way things ran. But it was a community of love, devotion, and dreams. And it grew. Today we are the fulfillment of those dreams.

Our founding families handed us the gifts of their devotion. What a wonderful gift. What a wonderful life. We owe them our gratitude. And we have a promise to fulfill—to care for the community, to preserve a dream, and to keep it vital for another generation

… Rabbi Edward Feinstein