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Friday 15 Kislev

  • Amanda Marz for Mother, Iris Kent
  • Arthur Smith for Mother, Goldie Smith
  • David Slatkin for father, Alan Slatkin
  • Dinah Titcher for Sister, Judy Catz
  • Esther Slatkin for husband, Alan Slatkin
  • Judy Feldman for Grandmother, Ann Bledstein
  • Marcelle Behar for Mother, Charlotte Behar
  • Marvin Rowen for Brother-in-Law, Hyman Alan Goldfine
  • Melvin Barlam for Grandson, Shawn Sinclair
  • Robert Slatkin for father, Alan Slatkin
  • Shoshana Titcher-Esguerra for Aunt, Judy Catz

Saturday 16 Kislev

  • Peter Robinson for Wife, Rosalyn Robinson
  • Ronald Reiter for Aunt, Ruth Stern Reiter

Sunday 17 Kislev

  • Ari Moss for Grandfather, Clifford Sawyer
  • Benjamin Susman for Wife, Michele Susman
  • Burton Feinstein for Mother, Sophie Feinstein
  • Burton Sigal for Mother, Ruth R. Sigal
  • Carole Shadrow for Grandmother, Margot Abergel
  • Dennis Fried for Mother, Sylvia Fried
  • Georgette Benhaim for Mother, Margot Abergel
  • Gerald Niznick for Aunt, Betty Ross
  • Jeff Feldman for Mother, Michele Susman
  • Jerry Mendelsohn for Father, Abraham Mendelsohn
  • Judy Feldman for Mother, Michele Susman
  • Judy Feldman for Mother, Michele Susman
  • Karen Deutsch for Father, William Sparr
  • Leslie Leb for Father, Clifford Sawyer
  • Prosper Benhaim for Grandmother, Margot Abergel
  • Richard Braun for Father, Samuel Braun, M.D.
  • Roberta Marks for Mother, Michele Susman
  • Sharon Thompson-Glass for Aunt, Betty Ross
  • Susan Frydrych for Mother, Bernice Klamon Lomasky
  • Susan Goldberg for Mother, Marion Nessenbaum


To make a memorial donation in honor of a loved one
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Download our Yizkor Booklet 5783

Memorial Plaque

Yahrzeit, the annual commemoration of the anniversary of a loved one’s death, is a traditional act of remembrance.

Valley Beth Shalom makes possible a permanent wall of remembrance, providing an ever-present tribute to important people in our lives. Your dedication of a Yahrzeit plaque helps perpetuate the memory of a loved one. 

Each plaque will include the name and the date of death according to both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. There is also the option of including the name in Hebrew. 

Please reserve a space on the Memorial Plaque Wall located at Valley Beth Shalom.

“The souls of the righteous live on in those who cherish their memories.” 


Your Information

Personalize Your Plaque

Note: Time of death, before or after sunset, is necessary in calculating the Hebrew date.


I (We) agree to pay the sum of $1,200 for each space including the name plate to be placed on the Memorial Plaque Wall.

ACH (e-check), Donor Advised Fund, Payment Plan
*ACH (e-check) - No processing fees; can be used to pay in full, or in installments. Requires log in.
*Donor Advised Fund - No processing fees; can be used to pay in full, or in installments. Requires log in.
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If you need assistance with your payment method, please contact the VBS Office: 818-788-6000



Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783