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Saturday 10 Cheshvan

  • Cheryl Leff for Father, Irwin Becker
  • Florence Silver for Father, Henry Silver
  • Lael Rubin for Father, Chester C. Levine
  • Larry Kussin for Son, David Kussin
  • Lisabeth Rothman for Aunt, Riva Rothman Frederick
  • Melinda Cahan for Mother, Helen Boobar
  • Nancy Bloom for Father, Abe Lieberman
  • Robin Lappen for Mother, Helen Boobar
  • Sandra Kussin for Son, David Kussin
  • Theodore Feit for Mother, Beatrice Feit

Sunday 11 Cheshvan

  • Carl Blau for Uncle, Murray Smolkin
  • Jeffrey Rusheen for Friend, Millie Barron
  • Lisa Kohn for Mother, Judy Silber
  • Martin Gorman for Mother, Dorothy Gorman

Monday 12 Cheshvan

  • Bethe Pilch for Father, Harry Schwartz
  • Debi Arditi for Father, Morton Manning
  • Elisa Taub for Father, Melvyn Kohn
  • Jay Schwartz for Mother, Marilyn Schwartz
  • Joseph Sandler for Mother-in-law, Minette Cohn
  • Judith Katzburg for Father, Fred Katzburg
  • Keri Loventhal for Father, Stephen Horowitz
  • Rita Wenger for Brother, Martin Rosenbaum

To make a memorial donation in honor of a loved one
click here >

Memorial Plaque

Yahrzeit, the annual commemoration of the anniversary of a loved one’s death, is a traditional act of remembrance.

Valley Beth Shalom makes possible a permanent wall of remembrance, providing an ever-present tribute to important people in our lives. Your dedication of a Yahrzeit plaque helps perpetuate the memory of a loved one. 

Each plaque will include the name and the date of death according to both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. There is also the option of including the name in Hebrew. 

Please reserve a space on the Memorial Plaque Wall located at Valley Beth Shalom.

“The souls of the righteous live on in those who cherish their memories.” 


Your Information

Personalize Your Plaque

Note: Time of death, before or after sunset, is necessary in calculating the Hebrew date.


I (We) agree to pay the sum of $1,200 for each space including the name plate to be placed on the Memorial Plaque Wall.

Optional Credit Card Coverage Fee: The synagogue incurs credit card processing fees each time a member uses their credit card. Please help us cover this cost by making an optional 3% donation...and it is tax-deductible. You will have an opportunity to do this before submitting your payment.


Sat, October 16 2021 10 Cheshvan 5782