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Sunday 13 Kislev

  • Dorothy Gyler for Husband, Gerald Nudell, MD
  • Helen Finkelstein for Husband, Michael Finkelstein
  • Herzel Aboody for Mother, Sarach Aboody
  • Jerald Gale for Father, Arthur Gale
  • Judith Katzburg for Grandfather, Sam Katzburg
  • Lynda Bronson for Grandfather, Shlomo Finkel
  • Mona Tabib for Father, Habibollah Tabibzadeh

Monday 14 Kislev

  • Amy Shamash for Former Husband, Mark Shamash
  • Aric Partovich for Mother, Marilyn Partovich
  • Azita (Mehrnaz) Yasha for Father, Abdollah Zerehi
  • Earl Racine for Mother, Pauline Goldie Schulman
  • Erin Katz for Father, Daniel Felsen
  • Fariba Hakkakzadeh for Father, Abdollah Zerehi
  • Jason Wallach for Father, Murray Wallach
  • Marc Kaye for Mother-in-Law, Lisa Golabek-Roberts
  • Robert Stuckelman for Aunt, Anna Stuckelman

Tuesday 15 Kislev

  • Amanda Marz for Mother, Iris Kent
  • Arthur Smith for Mother, Goldie Smith
  • Erika Abbott for Grandmother, Frances Deutsch
  • Marcelle Behar for Mother, Charlotte Behar
  • Marvin Rowen for Brother-in-Law, Hyman Alan Goldfine
  • Melvin Barlam for Grandson, Shawn Sinclair
  • Rheba Goldman for Husband, Leonard Goldman, M.D.

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Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781