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Brotherhood/Men's Club

Join the Brotherhood/VBS Men's Club and experience the fraternity of VBS Men. Enjoy fun filled social, judaic and community based activities. Come to our events just to hang out, create life long friendships, engage in stimulating dialogue, explore your Judaism or just take a break from your daily grind.

Our mission as a social and service entity is to foster camaraderie and friendship of our members, to enhance our lives as Valley Beth Shalom men, and service our community through social, educational, religious and civic activities.  Join us!

How do I Join?

The Men's Club serves many important social, philanthropic, religious, community and financially based needs. We are here to meet that commitment by providing social opportunities to enable participation, promote our religious, cultural and engagement agendas! The wives and women have Sisterhood, We have the Brotherhood. Many of the husbands and single men strongly desired their own social group - a men's only chavurah! If you have paid your $40 Annual Dues, you are officially in!! We often welcome guests who simply want to come hang out without worry as a method of giving a taste to prospective members. If you have not yet joined, you can do so using the join link on the website VBSBROTHERHOOD.COM the join us page or by contacting VBS and by paying your dues.

Why Join?

The Men’s Club serves many important philanthropic, religious, social, community and financial needs. We are here to meet that commitment by providing fun and exciting social events to enable participation and promote our religious, cultural and engagement agendas!


We have year-round programming, with several re-occurring events!  Our World famous Steak Night has been extremely popular and re-occurring event with between 80 and 120 men attending annually. Some of our other events include Poker, Scotch, Rum or Tequila tasting, Business Networking nights, Sports nights, Our ever popular Night with the Rabbis, our Helping those in need program or one of the other many programs we have to offer including weekly Basketball games. We should have something for you. If you have an interest not being met, let us know and we will see what we can do to incorporate your ideas or needs into our schedule of events.

Past Events have included:
Magic Show, Football Nights, Feeding those in Need Community events, Poker Nights, Paintball, Scotch Tasting, Bowling Night, Poker Tournaments, Tequila Tasting, Rum Tasting, Go Kart Racing, Dodger Game, Buesiness Networking Night, A GUYS Night with the Rabbis, Family events, Music events and Steak Night. 

Our Board:

Jason Stern-President
Jonathan Hartman-Vice President
Eric Goldman-Treasurer and Secretary
Eric Schreiber- Legal and Activities
Daniel Epstein- Communications and Marketing
Ronen Kleinman-Programming
Rabbi Joshua Hoffman-Religious chair 
Andrew Pelter- IT and Website  

Members at large
Brian Link
Martin Kaufman
Jeremy Broekman
Sean Herstein

Interested in more information? Click here to contact The Brotherhood Men's Club

Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784