Adult Social Activities

We pride ourselves on creating an environment of fellowship and community by continually developing and expanding our programs.

Our social organizations offer age-related activities in an environment supported by Jewish identity and tradition. 

Brotherhood: Enjoy fun filled social, judaic and community based activities. Come to our events just to hang out, create life long friendships, engage in stimulating dialog, explore your Judaism or just take a break from your daily grind.

Sisterhood: A place for women of all ages and stages to enrich their lives through programs that encourage education, personal growth, spiritual experience and tikkun olam.  We are a warm and welcoming community that provides a forum for our members and guests to share meaningful moments, ideas and experiences.

Hazak: This dynamic program is designed to meet the social and intellectual needs and interests of men and women age 55+. Twice-monthly "HAZAK Mondays" offer members a place to socialize and attend classes, lectures, and discussion groups taught by prominent VBS members and members of the Los Angeles and world-wide communities. Subjects include literature, opera, art, history, Judaism, and many, many more.

VBS Connect: An exciting social group for temple members (singles and couples) between 45ish and 65ish. Make new friends and participate in fun activities with other people who want to connect or reconnect with the VBS family. 

VBS NextGen: A home for young Jewish couples at Valley Beth Shalom: providing a platform to lead, make a difference, form lasting friendships, cultivate Jewish life and help build the future VBS family.

Havurot: Creating community within our community. A Havurot is a group of 10-12 couples or families or up to 20 individuals who get together on a regular basis in members' homes to study together, to socialize and to celebrate Jewish life. All members of the Havurah make a commitment to the group to meet regularly once a month.

VBS Book Club: Meets Tuesday evenings, exploring books with Jewish related themes.