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VBS Hazak (at Home)

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Hazak programming is online only.

All Hazak @ Home programs are presented via Zoom.

Event invitations and login information are sent to all registered Hazak members via email prior to the event. For further information send email to

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Hazak Program Guide

Hazak Mondays

Second Semester 2020-2021

February 1 through May 24

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Upcoming Programming

Hazak Summer Hot Topics
(Registration required; limited size)

Discussion Group – A Series of Six Sessions

June 14 through August 23

Registration Required

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Recent Programming


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About VBS Hazak

The HAZAK Community at Valley Beth Shalom is a vibrant Jewish community of VBS and non-VBS seniors committed to:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Building relationships and connections
  • Contribution, service, sharing, caring
  • Active, positive aging

Over 20 years ago, Rabbi Harold Shulweis (z”l) challenged a group of senior VBS members to design a program for seniors that would establish a setting at VBS for learning, socializing, and fellowship. That pioneering group of volunteers developed the basic structure for the program that continues and grows today.

The Hazak community achieves our goals through a variety of programs and activities, e.g., Hazak Monday enrichment programs, Hazak Shabbat Dinners with programs, Field Trips, Movies, Hazak Wednesday Lunch and Learns, and service activities.



Hazak Annual Membership Fee
$35 for VBS Members
$50 for Non Members

Hazak members support the VBS Food Bank. Bring donations each Hazak Monday.
QUESTIONS?  Call the VBS office at (818) 788-6000 or for additional information.
Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781