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VBS Hazak (at Home)

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Hazak programming is online only.

All Hazak @ Home programs are presented via Zoom.

Event invitations and login information are sent to all registered Hazak members via email prior to the event. For further information send email to

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Hazak Program Guide

Second Semester 2020-2021

Beginning February 1, 2021

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Monday, February 1, 2021

10:00am SPECIAL CLASS *Registration is closed*
Navigating Safely in Cyberspace - Class 2: Safe Internet Surfing (Registration Required)"

Ted Carmely, Retired Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

The class is designed to raise awareness of the dangers lurking on the internet and what measures we can take to avoid malicious attempts to invade our privacy and steal personal information and financial assets while safely surfing the net.

Monday, February 8, 2021

10:00am "The Human Element Project - Transforming Life Into Art"

Lori Shocket, MD, Founder, The Human Element Project

The work of the Human Element Project is based on the premise that there is healing through art, and when given an opportunity to tell one's story through art and words, our participants exceed expectations every time! The presentation will take you through a visual journey highlighting the expressive artwork work that has been done by Holocaust survivors, homeless communities, Syrian refugees, survivors of the Guatemalan genocide, special needs students and prison inmates to name a few. Their stories and their work is powerful and inspiring and helps us to better understand these often marginalized communities. Please visit the website for a quick preview of our work:

11:15am "Jewish Influence on Hollywood Film Music"

Noreen Green, Founder and Conductor of the LA Jewish Symphony

Using video highlights from movies, Dr. Noreen Green will discuss the history of film music, concentrating on the contribution of Jewish émigré composers such as Erick Korngold (The Adventures of Robin Hood) and Max Steiner (Gone with the Wind). She will also share clips from concerts she’s conducted with insightful commentary.

1:00pm Afternoon Sessions

Torah Study with VBS Clergy: Rabbi Noah Farkas

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Meeting ID: 955 2150 1455       Passcode: 396328
Phone only:  669-900-9128, 95521501455#

-OR- Great Decisions 2021 Discussion Group (Registration Requested)

Lively small group discussions of the world’s major challenges. Enrollment is limited. Discussions will be based on topics selected from a Sourcebook produced by the Foreign Affairs Association. Click here for details and registration > or contact Jerry Davis at (818) 326-5961 or

Great Decisions 2021

What remarkable times we live in!! Join us for lively small group discussions of the world’s major challenges, with DVD viewings and a Sourcebook. This is Great Decisions 2021 — 7 spirited session starting February 8, 2021, a part of Hazak Monday programs at 1:00pm! The programs will be moderated by Jerry Davis. Discussions will be based on topics selected from a Sourcebook produced by the Foreign Affairs Association. Click here for details >

Participation is limited to Hazak members. Enrollment is limited—don’t wait to register!! There is a $38 charge for the Foreign Affairs Association Sourcebook.

Register Now >

We’d enjoy talking to you about this exciting group. For more information or to reserve your spot without utilizing the online form at the above registration link, please contact Jerry Davis ASAP at (818) 326-5961 or

Navigating Safely in Cyberspace

A new series of talks on Computer Security for Seniors by Ted Carmely, Retired systems engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The 3-session class program is designed to raise awareness of the dangers lurking on the internet and what measures we can take to avoid malicious attempts to invade our privacy and steal personal information and financial assets, while safely surfing the net. There will be 3 sessions for this class program beginning at 10:00am:

  • January 18: Safe E-mailing

  • February 1: Safe Internet Surfing

  • February 15: Valuable Tools and Resources

Registration is closed.

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About VBS Hazak

The HAZAK Community at Valley Beth Shalom is a vibrant Jewish community of VBS and non-VBS seniors committed to:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Building relationships and connections
  • Contribution, service, sharing, caring
  • Active, positive aging

Over 20 years ago, Rabbi Harold Shulweis (z”l) challenged a group of senior VBS members to design a program for seniors that would establish a setting at VBS for learning, socializing, and fellowship. That pioneering group of volunteers developed the basic structure for the program that continues and grows today.

The Hazak community achieves our goals through a variety of programs and activities, e.g., Hazak Monday enrichment programs, Hazak Shabbat Dinners with programs, Field Trips, Movies, Hazak Wednesday Lunch and Learns, and service activities.



Hazak Annual Membership Fee
$35 for VBS Members
$50 for Non Members

Hazak members support the VBS Food Bank. Bring donations each Hazak Monday.
QUESTIONS?  Call the VBS office at (818) 788-6000 or for additional information.
Wed, January 27 2021 14 Shevat 5781