Life Long Learning

Lifelong Jewish Learning is a core value of Valley Beth Shalom.  Our Senior Rabbi, Ed Feinstein, recently drafted a Statement of Vision for Valley Beth Shalom, in which he stated “Learning has always been the strength of VBS.  Our synagogue culture is deeply committed to encountering God in study, and we offer many opportunities to engage in serious learning…We gain meaning by locating our personal story in a grand narrative, a narrative of our people, our nation,…”

We welcome your engagement in our many programs supporting Lifelong Learning.  

College of Jewish Studies-Offers adults an experience of university-level learning from October to April on Wednesday evenings

Summer Learning Series-Every summer, our Rabbis offer sessions on important themes from our tradition, in preparation for the approaching High Holidays

Shabbat Morning Torah Study-Join Rabbi Ed Feinstein  every week from 9 to 9:45AM before morning services to probe the week’s Torah portion.  When there is no Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Torah Study will be part of the congregation’s Shabbat Services

Shabbat Parsha Discussion Group-This group meets most Saturdays following Kiddush luncheon and is led by lay leaders (unless there is a Shabbat Shiur program). 

Lunch and Learn-Informal learning sessions on scheduled Wednesday afternoons from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Hazak-This dynamic program is designed to meet the social and intellectual needs and interests of men and women age 55+.  Hazak meets twice a month from October through May and offers a choice of activities from 9:30AM through 2:30PM.

Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning-Follows a sophisticated adult learning curriculum, exploring Jewish thought, practice, ethics and history

VBS Book Club-Meets Tuesday evenings, exploring books with Jewish related themes

Adult B'nai Mitzvah Program-Enables adults to access the texts and prayers of our traditions, in preparation for our annual Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony

Living a Jewish Life-At Valley Beth Shalom, we take an active role in making four pillars of Jewish living the foundation for a meaningful life.  Through the four pillars: Torah (wisdom), Avodah (spirituality), Chesed (care for others), and Havurah (social encounters), our synagogue offers a wide variety of encounters with Jewish tradition.

Torah and Tequila!-These men’s only study groups are organized monthly and explore everything from the weekly Torah reading to contemporary Jewish life.  It’s a great chance to meet new friends and reconnect with others once a month