Shabbat Shiur

Linger at VBS after services and enjoy lunch at a Shabbat “Shiur” — Shabbat Lesson. Bring your plate from Kiddush and pull up a chair as we meet a wide variety of extraordinary teachers and individuals who have something of interest to share with our community. Check our Shabbat calendar for upcoming speakers and topics.

Past guests have included: authors, university presidents, representatives from Israeli organizations, members of Congress and other political speakers, artists and professors. After the formal presentation, our guests are available for questions and discussions.




Saturday, May 18
"Insights into Israel’s Educational Innovations”
Susan Weijel, Deputy Director of the Yemin Orde Youth Village
Roi Etenesh, Naval Engineering Officer in the IDF, Graduate of Yemin Orde








Alyse Golden Berkley, President, Jewish National Fund, Greater Los Angeles
"Modern Day Zionism - JNF Investing for the Long Term"