Covenant of Membership

By Senior Rabbi Ed Feinstein:

B'raysheet “In the beginning…” I share the responsibility of creating a community of holiness at Valley Beth Shalom, a community that embraces and embodies the ideals, ethics, faith and culture of the Jewish people.

Sh’mot “These are the names…” I will deepen my own Jewish identity and nurture my Jewish soul through Torah/ Learning, Avodah/Worship, Gemilut Hesed/Action, and Hevrah/Fellowship.

Va’yikra “And God called…” I will answer the call to become God’s partner in bringing wholeness and holiness to the world. I will answer the call to repair the world’s brokenness and heal its suffering.

Bamidbar “In the wilderness…” I will seek shalom, the blessings of wholeness, peace, and solidarity in my family, my circle of relations, my community, in my city and in the world.

Devarim “These are the words…” I share the responsibility of transmitting Judaism to a new generation.