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Community Corner - Camryn Kruger, Youth Dept

03/19/2019 01:49:51 PM


Community Corner

Camryn Kruger, Asst. Dir. of Youth Engagement

Purim Staff Spotlight

Welcome to Purim! The official “party” on the Jewish holiday calendar.  Each year, we gather in our costumes and share this incredible story of wild characters in an ancient land,  celebrating in the strangeness of a holiday where the audience is encouraged to raucously verbalize their disdain for the evil villain and gleefully cheer for the victorious heroes. In telling this story, we choose different themes to recreate a tale that evolves throughout history through a modern lens. This year, VBS will be telling the story of Purim through the light pink shades of a 60's hippie face as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. But what does Woodstock have to do with Purim?


As a female, I've always thought about the women in the Book of Esther. How the title of the book is owned by the female but the men still dictate the story. Although Queen Esther ultimately puppeteers King Ahausverus to save the Jews and extinguish Haman, it is Vashti, our first female lead who sets the benchmark of heroine.

In the late 1960's, the Women's Movement was well under way. A growing number of women aware of their own lack of social and economic equality, ignited a new wave of feminism known by most as the Women's Liberation Movement. This group bridged a common feeling of injustice amongst other groups dealing with inequality, leading to nation-wide sit-ins and protests and ultimately inspiring the creation of the largest music festival of it's time; Woodstock.

With counter-cultures from every walk of the earth holding hands and swaying to the songs and celebration, Woodstock set a new tone. One where every voice was heard and respected.

50 years later, social injustices and economic, religious and racial inequalities are still prevalent within our country, the world and even our own regional communities. But combating these far too frequent prejudices is no longer perceived as an astonishing triumph. History has paved the way for a less bumpy road to freedom. With more women in Congress now than ever before, we must thank the trailblazers before them as I believe Vashti did for Queen Esther all those years ago.   

Now for the part where I advertise the Carnival!

Join us this Sunday, from 11am-3pm, for our annual VBS Purim Carnival.  All proceeds from the carnival go towards scholarships for VBS youth to go to Jewish Summer Camps or to participate in summer travel programs to Israel. Celebrating strong women and Jewish heroes is the spirit of Purim and what better way to celebrate than at VBS with our community!

Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783