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Community Corner - Tal Barak, VBS Day School Director of Admissions and Marketing

02/12/2019 05:50:00 PM


Community Corner

Tal Barak, VBS Day School Director of Admissions and Marketing

My name is Tal Barak and I'm a lot of things. I'm a VBS congregant, all three of my children graduated from the ECC and I'm a current Day School mom. Last, but not least, I am the Director of Admissions and Marketing at VBS Day School, where Liana (10), Guy (6) and Ella (5) attend. This community has been so welcoming to my family, nurturing to my children and it truly is a second home.

Both my husband (Mory) and I attended Jewish Day School here in the San Fernando Valley, and we just knew that it would play a critical role in our lives as our children grew and developed. We both knew of the amazing reputation that VBS Day School had "all these years" and when we toured the ECC, we just had that feeling you get when you know something is right. The entire campus felt like a strong, vibrant community. When it came time to tour Day Schools, Mory did a lot of the scouting. By the time we did the VBS Day School Open House, we knew. The teachers were excited, the kids were motivated and most of all the 6th grade students who served as ambassadors, were well-spoken, confident and bright. This is what we wanted for our family.

I have to say, I see it here every day. I'm lucky enough to be a part of the administrative team here, but I don't have an education background. In a lot of ways, it's an asset because I can distill information and see things from the “typical” parent perspective. I can ask questions that parents ask me and (hopefully) help them understand what we're all about. So, what are we all about? I think we are growing leaders with heart. The Jewish values and underlying philosophy of Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis (z”l) is one of taking action and making a difference TODAY. I believe we teach that to our students, and my kids, each and every day. Whether it's going to a homeless shelter to serve food to those less fortunate than us, to going to Sacramento and advocating for a bill at the Capitol, to inviting a friend to sit at a lunch table, to playing sports in our after-school athletics program to standing on stage and doing a play entirely in Hebrew…all of these small things come together into a big thing. It's the mindful mensch - the child who is both intellectually stimulated and socially and emotionally fulfilled. We are lucky.

Part of my job is to help our 6th grade students matriculate to middle school that is, I guide families through the sometimes stressful process of finding the right school for each child and family. I do this alongside our academic administrators and with an amazing team of teachers. When I speak to the admissions teams at all of the top LA schools to advocate for our students, one thing is repeated over and over. The VBSDS kids are just special they are leaders and good kids. What more could we want for our children?

Of course, there are bumps along the way - as with every child and family - but I feel completely supported by VBS Day School - - it's like I have a whole, separate family helping me to raise my children. And as you know, sometimes you need a little help from your friends!

I have to admit that sometimes I am sad that not every single family I tour feels that this school and community is the right fit - it's personal of course, but I am just grateful for the friends I have made, the friends my children have built meaningful relationships with and the overall supported feeling I have in the VBS community.

Are you interested in touring VBS Day School? I'd love to show you what we're all about! Feel free to contact me at 818-530-4072 or email

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