We are a community of dreams.
And with big dreams come big responsibilities.

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A letter on giving from Rabbi Ed Feinstein

The one word that captures the spirit of Valley Beth Shalom is “therefore.” 

“Therefore” was the favorite word of our beloved Rabbi Schulweis, z"l. Every one of his great sermons, talks and lessons led up to a climactic “therefore” moment. His whole life was about bringing people to the truth of “therefore.” 

“Therefore” is the bridge between our ideals, our visions, our values, and the real world. 

“Therefore” makes the imagined urgent and real. “Therefore” moves us from the passions of the heart to the facts on the ground. “Therefore” is the test that determines who we really are -- if we’re serious about our intentions -- serious about seeing them through. “Therefore” changes us from dreamers into builders.

Valley Beth Shalom is a community committed to Jewish learning and Jewish living. VBS educates more than 1,000 Jewish children each day. VBS welcomes thousands each week to Shabbat prayers and Torah study. VBS engages hundreds of volunteers each week in acts of social justice and projects of caring. At any given moment, VBS is filled with the song of Jewish learning, the melody of Jewish prayer, and the warmth of Jewish community life. And all this is possible because kind and generous people said, therefore count on me.

Therefore, can we count on you? 

Your support – your step from good intentions to “therefore” – makes possible all that we accomplish.

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