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Be The Change by Helping OurSpaceLA Thrive! 

For 40 years OurSpaceLA has been housed and supported by the Valley Beth Shalom synagogue community, and receives support from the Jewish Federation and Foundation of LA. 

OurSpaceLA offers a variety of opportunities to a diverse group of individuals ages three to adults with a wide range of special needs, unique and diverse abilities. 

OurSpaceLA is where participants learn, socialize, sing, dance, create art, make friends and become part of a community along with their families. Once they become part of OurSpaceLA they feel included, enabled and empowered to be part of the greater community.

We found that our youngest age group of participants, beginning at age 3, who was recently evaluated and  diagnosed, were looking for therapeutic interventions, but not necessarily what OurSpaceLA offers. We invite families who want their child in an experiential learning environment with friends and community. They are searching for a space for their children and for themselves to find like-minded, caring families who know the value of friendship, and being part of a Jewish community. The OurSpaceLA Shaare Tikva Gates of Hope class for 3 - 6 year olds will be reopened in February 2023.

In order for OurSpaceLA to continue to thrive, we need your help. Help us to spread the word and if you are able to, please help us by donating to the reopening of the OurSpaceLA weekly program for a group of very special participants, and their families. 

Every dollar donated here will help to support OurSpaceLA programs, participants and families!

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

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Thank you from the OurSpaceLA Participants, Families, Staff, and Volunteers. 
All gifts are tax deductible.

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