At VBS, we believe that learning is essential to living a meaningful Jewish life, and to keeping us vital and relevant as the years go by.  Learning is a lifelong pursuit because we never outgrow the need to seek new intellectual and cultural horizons. Learning prevents standing still in time. Setting aside a designated time to study is considered one of the most important of our Mitzvot.

At VBS, our children begin learning at 6 weeks and we offer a choice of educational opportunities through High School.  Adults have a variety of classes and programs from which to choose. Explore your learning opportunities at VBS. Take a few minutes to find a lifetime of joy.

Our Schools-VBS offers educational programs for kids ranging from birth to grade 6.  Our Early Childhood Center focuses on nurturing children from birth to age 5. The Etz Chaim Learning Center provides supplemental Hebrew schooling for students looking to learn more about their religious heritage. The Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School is our full-time school providing educational opportunities for kids grades K-6. OurSpace is a program with an emphasis on Jewish experiences for children, teens and adults with special needs

Life Long Learning-Learning doesn't stop at any age and at VBS we offer educational programming for adults of all interest and age levels.  Ranging from the College of Jewish Studies offering college level adult Jewish Learning, to our weekly Shabbat morning Torah Study and Lunch and Learn lectures with Rabbi Ed Feinstein, VBS has something to offer for those wishing to learn more about themselves and their faith

Youth Department-In addition to our schools, the VBS Youth Department offers kids a chance learn, play and bond with their friends, plus tons of USY programs for kids grades K-12

Music and Dramatic Arts Programming-Music has always been a central “theme” of Valley Beth Shalom. Our services feature the melodies we all cherish, but there will also be opportunities to enjoy new kinds of musical experiences

Schulweis Institute Archive  - A Center for Jewish Learning - Access Rabbi Schulweis' lectures and sermons online