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VBS AYEKAH - Where Are You?

Find yourself at Valley Beth Shalom this High Holiday season


What is Ayekah?

In the Torah, God enters into a relationship with Adam and Eve by asking a powerful question: Ayekah? Where are you? It’s the first time God speaks to a human being. According to the rabbis, it’s not just addressed to Adam, but to each one of us. Where are you with your family? Your career? Where are you with your sense of Jewishness? Where are you in healing the relationships you have? All of Jewish tradition can be seen as a response to this question.

This year, we put the question to you. Where have you come from in your life? What are you doing with your life? Where are you going? Over the next six weeks, we will ask ourselves to take inventory of our lives; we will explore different areas; we will forgive ourselvesduring Selichot; then rediscover ourselves with the start of the New Year, having gained new perspective, inspiration and purpose. 


Click here to watch our entire Collection of inspirational Ayekah videos


Click here to view and share Ayekah art


Enjoy the selection of artists who have been chosen to display pieces relevant to Ayekah. In the main VBS hall, you will find a unique, interactive wall display with locator drop pins that can be affixed to the exhibit. By completing a drop pin of your own, you will contribute to the immersive environment we have created. Snap a selfie in front of our Ayekah wall display to share online using #vbsAyekah.

Click here to learn more about the Ayekah art exhibit


In preparation for the High Holidays, VBS AYEKAH provided a multi-platform, immersive campaign to draw our community together and gain collective perspective, inspiration and self-discovery. This carefully thoughtful soundtrack of spiritual “nigunim” were used for meditation, contemplation, and reflection.

Listen to the audio tracks below by clicking on each linked title:

  1. OLAM CHESED (Menachem Creditor)

  2. THE LADDER (Mordechai Twersky)

  3. MEDITATION (Phil Baron)

  4. M’LO CHOL HA’ARETZ (Phil Baron)

  5. NIGUN (Shlomo Carlebach)

  6. HALLELUYA (Phil Baron)

  7. YA SH’MA (traditional)

  8. AYEKAH (Phil Baron/Asher Levy)

Cantor Phil Baron (vocals)
Asher Levy (guitars, oud, mandolin, harmonium, piano)
Jamie Papish (percussion)
Miguel Atwood Ferguson (viola, violin)
Norik Manukyan (duduk, shvi, clarinet, zurna)
Kiernan Weggler (cello)
Additional vocals – Liza Baron, Marc Ginsburg, Shana Leon, Asher Levy
Recorded and Mastered by Tom Weir at Studio City Sound, Los Angeles
Produced by Phil Baron and Asher Levy
Manufactured by Private Label Music

Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784