OurSpaceLA B'Yachad Bet Youth Social Group

B'Yachad Social Groups for (Children, Teens and Adults at Temple Aliyah and Valley Beth Shalom

B’Yachad (Together) Alef:A monthly social group for Jewish children with special needs and abilities (ages 6-9 and 9-13). This includes two hours of indoor and outdoor activities such as: cooking, arts, and experiences playing games with a partner or group that encourage socialization and connection with peers. (TA)

B’Yachad (Together) Bet:A monthly social group for Jewish teens and adults (ages 14-18 and 19-adults) with special needs and abilities. Participants go on field trips throughout Los Angeles and enjoy visiting places such as: the Science Museum, LACMA, Sky High, participating in community service, yoga sessions, sports, drum circles, Shabbat dinners and Karaoke. (VBS)

B’Yachad Alef: 6–13 yrs (at Temple Aliyah)*  |  *B’Yachad Bet: 14–adults (at Valley Beth Shalom*)

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