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Serving our Soldiers

A Package From Home

Show Israeli soldiers we care by collecting and/or bringing specific items for them

Shira Gilor - Project Manager APFH
011 972 8-976-1323
49 HaYitzhar St., Hashmonaim, Israel 7312700

Our mission is to strengthen the spirit and resolve of each Israeli soldier, and to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they are making in securing our safety and the survival of the Jewish People. Our care packages are not only a warm reminder of the love and esteem we hold for our soldiers but also are items that they truly need.

‘A Package From Home’s’ mission is to strengthen the spirit and resolve of each Israeli combat soldier. 'Package’ sends thousands of care packages to Combat Chayalim Bodedim(soldiers without family in Israel) and severely wounded soldiers who are receiving long term hospital care. Mitzvah Messengers, people traveling to Israel, interested in helping, are asked to bring a duffle bag which has been filled with the items listed above, as a ‘check-on’ piece of luggage. To date, VBS has brought well over 100 filled duffle bags with them.

Project M.O.T.

Since 2008 we have been sending care packages to our deployed troops and Jewish War Veteran.  Lately it seems the call for us to send packages has lessened and we are now mainly concentrating on our Jewish War Veterans in the Los Angeles area.

Operation Gratitude

Assembles and sends care packages to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas

When: Weekdays and Sundays, hours vary
Where: The Armory, Van Nuys

Operation Gratitude’s FalCurrent Volunteer Schedule: Volunteer Hours of Operation

New Opportunitiy: Letter Screeners
Thousands of hand written letters to the soldiers are included in care packages. These letters neede to be screened before sending.
Contact: Linda Barber, 818-996-3158 

Operation Gratitude is seasonal

CLICK HERE to contact via e-mail; (put Operation Gratitude Volunteer in subject line) to inquire about upcoming assemble dates.
phone: 818-909-0039;  

Project Hollywood Cares

Assembles and sends 'Entertainment Industry' care packages to U.S. soldiers

When: weekdays, hours vary
Where: CBS Radford Studios

Help assemble and distribute entertainment industry products helping thank America's military personnel for their dedicated service. 

Contact: 818-655-5566 (switchboard ext. 5000)
CLICK HERE to contact via e-mail;

Veteran's Administration

Attends to the health and social needs of veterans

Where: VA Sepulveda Healthcare Center
When: weekdays, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Many opportunities are available, from helping with patient care to administrative assistance. Youth volunteer program (ages 14+) also available.

Contact: Marianne Davis; 818-895-9325

For VA Wish List please click here then choose 'Collection Wish List'

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