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VBS Connected Conversations

05/15/2020 03:36:11 PM


This week we are proud to highlight the VBS Connected Conversations program.

Sometimes just hearing someone's voice can be comforting. As the pandemic continues and the "Safer at Home" orders are still in effect, VBS has created an initiative to make sure that those who feel isolated and alone can have someone to talk to. VBS Connected Conversations creates pathways for new connections through regular phone conversations between paired VBS members. 

Connected Conversations pairs two VBS members, matched through various preferences they describe about themselves including age, gender, languages spoken, hobbies, etc. Nitzan Barlev, our Volunteer Engagement and Community Outreach Coordinator, then introduces the partners to each other. Pairs are encouraged to call each other about once per week to check in, though some partners call more or less frequently. Each conversation is unique and entirely directed by the participants. This program helps new relationships form, as one participant shared that she “loves [her] new buddy!” Some even have multiple phone buddies! Nitzan checks in with the partners every couple of weeks to see how things are developing, and makes new pairings as needed. 

One VBS member reached out because her father was really hoping to have a Hebrew-speaking conversation partner. By the end of the week, we found a partner for him and he feels like he’s back in his old cafes chatting in Hebrew with the regulars. 

Connected Conversations is just another way that being a member of VBS matters. We are here for each other in times of greatness and sorrow and in times of joy and sadness. You are never alone when you are a member of VBS. You are part of a family. You are connected. If you'd like to participate in Connected Conversations, we can help you make the connection. Fill out this form to get started or email Nitzan at

To learn more about Connected Conversations, go to

Article written by Nitzan Barlev.

Sat, October 24 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781