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VBS Maccabee Mission to Israel

01/02/2024 02:44:02 PM


This December, we had the honor to volunteer our time farming, cooking and cleaning for soldiers and sorting and packing food. We bore witness at Kibbutz Nir Yitzchak and heard the harrowing story of a survivor. We visited Hostage Square in Tel Aviv and listened to the aunt of hostage Tamir Adar. We were blessed to share Shabbat dinner with displaced families and lone soldiers. And, in true VBS tradition, we learned every night from journalists, authors and thought leaders. Amongst all the sadness, loss and anger, we witnessed incredible bravery, resilience, kindness and creativity.

Hopefully, you were able to view the video blog we shared at the end of each day from our incredibly meaningful trip to Israel.  (Click here to view the entire playlist).

We visited organizations that our VBS Israel Emergency Fund has generously supported such as Achim L'Neshek (Brothers and Sisters in Arms) and Leket. We also engaged with lesser known organizations, which offer tremendous positive impact on Israeli society. Our VBS Israel Emergency Fund will now support Danny's Farm, the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center, and the Shokeda Junction Rest Stop. Below, you can find a brief description of each these organizations. Our VBS Israel Emergency Fund continues to play a role in supporting Israeli society during the war effort. If you are interested in supporting these organizations directly, please reach out to Nurit & Rich Robin at

Valley Beth Shalom is committed to supporting Israel during this challenging period. If you have not yet supported Valley Beth Shalom this year and would like to contribute to our annual campaign, please do so by clicking here.

Danny's Farm

Danny’s Farm in Sitriya, is a therapeutic horse farm run by two former special unit combat officers, Nir Adan and Danny Styrin. They, along with mental health professionals who specialize in Combat PTSD have created an incredible program in a magical setting. Normally, Danny’s Farm treats up to 600 affected soldiers a month. Since October 7 that number has grown to over 1500 and they are now also serving civilians (families and children) affected by the events of that day. Additionally, they are seeing many cases of former soldiers who have repressed trauma that has been triggered by this war. 

Click here to watch a video to learn more about Danny's Farm.

Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center

The Center was established in memory of former lone soldier Michael Levin z’l. The mission of the Michael Levin Center is to support lone soldiers before, during and after their army service. A “lone soldier” is an IDF soldier with no family in Israel to support him or her. A lone soldier may be an immigrant from abroad, an orphan or an individual from a broken home. The Michael Levin Center provides these soldiers with food, laundry, basic necessities, equipment, advice, seminars, social events, Shabbat meals and more. By providing this physical and emotional support the Center helps them through the difficulties that serving in the army presents.

Click here to learn more about the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center.


Shokeda Junction Rest Stop. 

In a rest area near the Gaza border, a project started and funded by private citizens has come about. A few people have created a rest stop for soldiers coming in and out of Gaza. At the Shokeda Rest Stop, volunteers (including our VBS group) make food, including thousands of sandwiches a day, do laundry for soldiers and simply provide them a place to relax for a bit. The project is entirely funded by private citizens and they could use some of our help to keep the kitchen supplied.  

Click here to watch the VBS Maccabee Mission's experience at Shokeda.

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Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784