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Very Best Shabbat Dinners

"Making Shabbat dinner a sacred time in your life as a priority will become the most impactful Jewish experience of your life. Shabbat dinner establishes profound connections that cannot be untangled... My intention is to once again prioritize those exact values of community, of tradition, of Shabbat. My intention is that we, inside this community, once again take pride in Friday Night, just adapted to our new reality today... Shabbat dinners will build for us a sense of community, they will build for us a sense of tradition, and they will build for us a sense of priority... As Ahad Ha’am famously said, 'More than the Jewish People have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jewish People.' It’s time for us to keep Shabbat again."

– Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, Yom Kippur Sermon 5783/2022

We invite you to participate in a Shabbat Dinner throughout our VBS community as a fun, interactive and sacred way to know your fellow members. Enjoy conversation, prayer and of course, a delicious Shabbat meal!

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Celebrate Shabbat at home with our easy-to-follow videos below!

Watch Rabbi Lebovitz's inspiring Yom Kippur sermon

"Very Best Shabbat Dinners"

Below are some images of our members sharing their own Very Best Shabbat Dinners!

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784