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Prayers and Blessings

A helpful melody compilation for B'nai Mitzvah students and their families.

Your child will be responsible for the following list of prayers. Recordings of the melodies can be found below:

  1. Friday Night Kiddush (Page 49): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox 
  2. Tallit Blessing (Page 62): Cantor Fox
  3. Sh'ma/V'Ahavta/L'Maan Tizkru (Page 112):  Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  4. Avot (Page 115b): Cantor Rafii
  5. G'vurot (Page 115b): Cantor Rafii
  6. Torah Blessing (before) (Page 142/231): Cantor Rafii
  7. Torah Blessing (after): (Page 142/231): Cantor Rafii
  8. Haftarah Blessing (before) (Page 146): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  9. Haftarah Blessing (after) (Page 147): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  10. Ashrei (Page 151): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  11. V'Shamru/Kiddush/Motzi (Page 315): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  12. Candle Blessings (Page 301): Cantor RafiiCantor Fox
  13. Birchot Hashachar (Page 65-82): Cantor Fox
  14. P'Sukei D'Zimrah (Page 83-105): Cantor Fox
  15. Chatzi Kaddish (Page 229): Cantor Fox

Your child will receive a copy of Siddur Sim Shalom from your VBSCantor at your first checkpoint meeting.

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