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Makor Ribbon Project

Makor Ribbon Project

Every day through our actions, we weave the threads of our lives together and contribute to the beautiful tapestrythat is our community. When we are aware of each other’s hopes and dreams we can co-exist in greater harmony. This year we are inviting you to participate in our Makor Ribbon Project next time you are at Valley Beth Shalom.

Please take a ribbon, inscribe it with your hopes and dreams.

Then we will weave it into our community ribbon wall which is on the fence right outside our front doors. This is our opportunity to share the blessings that we each seek in the New Year.  

Take a ribbon (you can take more than one if you want!) and on it, write the answer to one of the following prompts:

A) This year I want to learn . . .
B) This year the people I want to (re)connect with are.. . 
C) This year I will seek to nurture my soul by. . . 
D) This year I will try to help others by . . . 

Place your inscribed ribbon(s) in the box and we will weave them into our Makor Ribbon Wall. 

Together we can make this holiday season meaningful, joyous and full of life.  








Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784