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Shabbat Prayers

Learn the prayers and their meanings from our Valley Beth Shalom rabbis and cantors in these two special recordings:

"Valley Beth Shalom Presents Shabbat Shalom"
Rabbi Harold Schulweis, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, and Cantor Herschel Fox share the meanings and the melodies of these traditional Sabbath prayers. 
Click each link to listen to audio.

 Rabbi Schulweis – Introduction

Shabbat Candle Blessing  |  Blessing our Children

Shalom Aleichem  |  Kiddush  |  Hand Washing   | Motzi

Birkat Hamazon  |  Z'mirot   |   Yom Zeh M'chubad

Yah Ribon  |  Tsur Mishelo  |  V'shamru and Shabbat Kiddush

L'cha Dodi  |  Y'did Nefesh  |  V'taher Libaynu


"Siddur Sim Shalom"
A helpful compilation for B'nai Mitzvah students and their families.
Click each link to listen to audio.

Candle Blessings  |  Friday Night Kiddush  |  Tallit Blessing

Sh'ma / V'ahavta / L'maan Tizkru  |  Amidah  Torah Blessing  

Haftarah Blessing (before)  |  Haftarah Blessing (after)  |  Ashrei

V'shamru / Kiddush / Motzi  |  Birchot Hashachar  |  P'sukei D'zimrah


Learn the blessings when you are called to the Torah for an Aliyah

  • Torah Blessing:   Printed or  Audio

  • Haftorah Blessing (before):  Audio

  • Haftorah Blessing (after): Audio 

For the online guide to Valley Beth Shalom's Shabbat service, click here.

Thu, April 2 2020 8 Nisan 5780