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We're Back! On the heels of the widely popular success of the "Ayekah Where are You?" videos this past fall we have created a new video series called "Ma Nishtana? What Difference Does It Make."

Ma Nishtana is the opening phrase of the Four Questions sung at every Passover Seder. They mean "How is it different?" as in "How is this night different than all other nights?" It's the first real question at the seder table. The phrase also means what difference is seen tonight? We've taken that phrase to expand the notion of transformation that occurs in each of us in preparation for our great spring holiday of change, Passover.

Ma Nishtana daily videos and inspirational material are now live!
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Watch Rabbi Ed Feinstein's first inspirational video here:

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VBS Passover Haggadah
Free printable VBS Passover Haggadah. Simply download and print your own copies.

Convo Starter Fortune Teller
A free printable project with instructions to bring to your Passover seder. Follow the steps and invite your fellow seder guests to explore different themes relevant to our Passover story.

Social Justice Supplements

"Light of Freedom"
An original song by Cantor Phil Baron.
Accompanying songsheet for "Light of Freedom"

Filling Elijah's Cup
A ritual that has been passed to Rabbi Avi Taff through his family about sharing a hope for the future.

Because We Were Strangers

Recipes from Chef Danny Corsun
Passover Carrot Cake and Passover Banana Cake.



The Rabbinical Assembly's complete Pesah Guide

Giora Shimoni's How To Prepare Passover Seder Plate


Blessings for Bedikat Hametz
Searching for Hametz the night before Passover begins.

Magid: The Passover Story
While the Passover story chronicles the Israelites' exodus from slavery in Egypt, courageous people around the world today are making similar journeys from oppression to liberation.


Because We Were Slaves
A text study and discussion prompt to explore the idea of radical empathy at your seder table.

Suddenly A Slave
A text study with questions inspired by Frederick Douglass.

Outstretch Your Hands
The Haggadah states, "With a strong hand and an outstretched arm." Discuss these ideas to find personal meaning in the text.

Miriam's Cup
A Miriam's Cup is a new ritual object that is placed on the seder table beside the Cup of Elijah. Learn more about the meaning and significance of including a Miriam's Cup on your seder table. 

Orange on the Seder Plate
Read Aleza Goldsmith's true tale of why the orange has made its way on to the modern seder plate. 

The Covenant of Common Destiny: The Leap of Solidarity
An essay by Rabbi David Hartman


From Slavery to Freedom, A Road Story
An excerpt from Rabbi Ed Feinstein's book, The Chutzpah Imperative

The Spiritual Significance of Yeast
An excerpt from A Different Night: The Family Participation Haggadah
By Noam Zion and David Dishon

Bedikat Hametz For Your Soul
A meditation of Rabbi Moshe Alsheikh

A poem by Primo Levi

The Four Children Within
By Rabbi Kerry Olitzky

Innermost Secrets of Passover Seder: Charoset
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Explore The Collection Stories of Powerful Moments in African American History, Culture and Community

My Personal Exodus
"The Inner Journey from Slavery to Liberation: Eqypt and Exodus as Metaphors for Personal Growth" - an excerpt from Mirrors in Time: A Psycho-Spiritual Journey through the Jewish Year by Joel Ziff


Free Yourself
A guided meditation by Cantor Phil Baron

Tzama Nafshi "My Soul Thirsts For You"
Listen to Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble's beautiful rendition of Psalm 42:2-3, Tzama Nafshi, "My Soul Thirsts for You"
> Follow along with lyrics and English translation 

Olam Chesed
A meditation on loving kindness by Cantor Phil Baron

Finding What Is Hidden
A meditation by Cantor Phil Baron

> The Social Justice Twist on 'Dayenu'
American Jewish World Service produced this short and powerful twist on one of the Seder's greatest hits, featuring Rabbi Noah Farkas.



"Ma Nishtana - The 4 Questions in Hebrew" 
Sing along to the traditional melody of "Ma Nishtana" in Hebrew with English transliteration.

"Now We Are Free" by the Ein Prat Fountainheads 
Enjoy the Ein Prat Fountainheads Passover music video, and take control of the action in the "Escape From Egypt" video by playing the interactive version!

The Passover Shaboom! Special
"What's Different About Tonight?" The Sparks can't find the chametz! The Plonys can't make matzah balls! Ma nishtana? Why is this night different from all other nights? Find out on this Passover special episode of Shaboom!


Convo Starter Fortune Teller
A free printable project with instructions to bring to your Passover seder. Follow the steps and invite your fellow seder guests to explore different themes relevant to our Passover story.

Radical Empathy for Kids - A Family Affair
Reading and discussion to inspire your kids.

Seder Songsheets
Song parodies to add pizzazz to your Passover.

Place Card Table Tents
Customize your seder table with these decorative "Ma Nishtana" place card table tents.

Passover Color By Number
Seder Table
Spring is Here

Seder Guest Fingerprint Tree
Create a keepsake for Passover by providing a record of who attended your seder while giving your guests the opportunity to reflect on the process of liberation from the moment they arrive at your doorstep.


Make Life-Sized LEGO™ Seder Plates
Follow these fun instructions from Joanna Brichetto of The Bible Belt Balabusta, to transform these everyday building blocks into a Passover-themed work of art.

DIY Bedikat Hametz Kits
Create your own DIY kit at home.

The Courage of Nachshon
Nachshon, the Midrashic character, comes to teach us that redemption is a partnership with God. God makes miracles when humans take the first step. Attached is a shpiel (skit) by Meridith Shaw Patera that brings the spirit of that Midrash to life.

DIY Charoset Bar
Here's an idea to keep your guests busy until everyone arrives and to give people a little nosh before you start the Seder.

DIY Afikomen Bag Craft
Create your own afikomen bag using felt and yarn.

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