Godliness and Immortality by Harold M. Schulweis

God. Even alone, in private meditation,
Where then? I turn to the memory
not in me nor in you. and promise of our betweenness.
But between us.

God not in me or in you or in Himself
God not me or mine but in betweenness the evidence of
nor you or yours God's reality and our own.
But ours.

God known
not in isolation
but in relationship.

Not revealed through lonely power
but through kinship, 
friendship, healing, binding
raising up of each other.

To know God is to know others
to love God is to love others
to hear God is to hear others
to answer God
in claims, obligations, commandments between us

God not as super-Person alone,
He or She or It
not as process, power, being, thing
a Subject acting on me or I on it.
God in connection
God in the nexus of community.
God the betweenness
that binds and holds together.

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