Elohim and Adonai: Genesis I and Genesis II

Godliness and Immortality by Harold M. Schulweis

Two names, one God
side by side

Two names
Each with its own nature

Elohim we greet
at the opening chapter of Genesis,
out of chaos and void

Elohim, the ground of all creation,
heavens and earth
the fish below, the birds in the air
Elohim, Source of the universe
lion and lamb
eagle and dove
and all the ways of the earth.

Adonai we meet later with the appearance of Adam and Eve
"there was no herb of the field, no rain
upon the earth
until then no human to till the ground"

Adonai and Elohim
twin souls joined
to breathe the breath of life
into the nostrils of man-woman.
With formed humans in existence
the rain fell,
plants and trees appeared
and where before there was no
shrub or herb of
the field,
gardens now sprang to life
trees pleasant to the sight
and fruits for food.

We bless not the wheat of the field
but the bread on the table
not the grape but the wine in the cup
kiddush and motzi
We bless creation,
the transaction
of human and non-human nature.

Bless one God and Lord
thanksgiving to Elohim
the ground of all that is
Thanksgiving to Adonai the source of all that ought to be
To Elohim for the seed and soil and sun
to Adonai for the seeding, weeding, threshing of the grain.

Accept and transform
Create and appreciate
Elohim and Adonai
the creative harmony we pray to dwell in us

Two faces of one God
two reflections of unity in our body-soul
make it whole
make it balanced
make it one
Blessed art Thou Adonai, Thou Elohim
who has created me in Your image.

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