On the Miracle of Recovery

On the Miracle of Recovery

In Sickness and Health by Harold M. Schulweis

Menachem Mendel of Kotzk said
"Whoever believes in miracles is a fool;
and whoever does not believe in miracles is an atheist".
We are neither fools nor apostates

Three times daily in the midst of the Amidah prayer
we acknowledge
Rock and Shield that saves in every generation
our souls that are given in God's tender care
Three times daily we give thanks for the wonders, and the miracles that are daily
with us evening, morn and noon.

Surely we have read of miracles in days past
In the turbulent waters on which Noah's ark navigated
in the splitting of the sea in Moses' day
in the falling of bread from the heaven that nourished our people
throughout forty years in the wilderness.

But miracles today? in our times?
Each day morning, noon and night?
Miracles in our time?
Where do we look for these in our daily lives?

Not in the violation of logic,
in the laws of identity, and contradiction and excluded middle
Not in the violation of nature.
Our wine is wine, our bread bread, our water water

The Amidah prayer speaks of daily miracles, "nisim"
not acts of magic mocking nature, torturing logic.
In Hebrew miracle is called "nes" -- sign.
Sign, the root of the term "SIGN-IFICANCE".
Signs that call attention to ordinary moments
extraordinary in their transformation of our lives.

Illness threatens our song and laughter,
Sickness casts its shadow over our promises,
Malady bleak and painful, murders hope.

How, our weakness is countered with new and awesome energy.
Godliness penetrates our skin and bones
Godliness pours its healing medicines into the vessels of our vitality
Godliness produces research men and women
practiced physicians and nurses
upon whom we call evening, morn and noon.

Godliness in the form of family who stand close to our bed
Hold our hands, rub our shoulders, moisten our lips with their love
Godliness revealed in curative powers within us
Godliness expressed in our resolution
"I will not die but live".

Give us spine and heart and wisdom to our organs.
Open our eyes to see wonder
open our ears to hear new sounds,
inhale through our nostrils new fragrance.
walk with our own feet
open our mouths with thanksgiving.
Daily testimony
witness to every natural moment
that raises us up from melancholy to transcendence.

Blessed the Godliness present in all things and ways
Blessed Thou who has enabled me to live in the midst of my family,
to reach this day in the presence of my friends
with the benedictions of my community.
Blessed the hidden miracles we daily uncover
The renewal that helps us lift the stone from frightened hearts
Blessed the remembrance of yesterday's remission
and tomorrow's promise.
Blessed the gifts we exchange with each other
morning, noon and night.

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