Mirror Eyes

Mirror Eyes

The Wedding by Harold M. Schulweis

The mirror is not neutral
A cool, silver-covered surface
reflecting me impartially.
It has its own shape,
its own concave, convex bent.
No two mirrors are alike.

Some mirrors make me look
hard and gross.
However I fix my smile, it reflects
a grimace.
However wide I set my eyes,
it appears a squinting mean-ness.

Other mirrors see me differently
and raise me up to
new confidence, new trust.
No two mirrors are twins.
I choose one to find my own image.

Your eyes are mirrors
and like them are not neutral.
I look in them to find myself.
I choose eyes
that do not focus on blemishes alone
But see the other features which compensate.

Not eyes that flutter flattery
blind to flaws
But eyes that
accept scars
as marks of suffering and growth.
Eyes that do not blink away my crooked nose
and twisted mouth
But wink encouragement and hope and love.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 9:00am