Nature Pursues its Own Course

In Sickness and Health by Harold M. Schulweis

I do not believe that sickness is divine
a malediction thrust down upon me from above
a chastisement meant to correct some
I do not believe that sickness is some
mysterious test
Strange compensation designed to build character.

Rabbinic sages observed
"olam k'minhago noheg"
nature pursues its own course.
a course independent of my doing or will
an amoral flow of events
indiscriminately falling upon young and old,
good and bad.

Where then in this ill is divinity to be found?
In curative forces discovered within me,
between us.
In healing powers that form scars
Life-sustaining powers within me
brought forth by men and women,
doctors, nurses, research people
social workers, aides
To relieve the pain --
to lengthen the life
to deepen the moments of joy.

Godliness is in
family and friends
who stand beside the bed
hold the hand, bless God with their prayers,
make her laugh.

In curative powers I exercise consciously
following prescriptions, respecting counsel,
willing strength
In unconscious forces I cannot identify,
locate, control
but that surge within me
In energies that move me with the will to
to struggle for health.

Godliness is in ordinary forces, ordinary events of
extraordinary power,
benevolent forces--within, without, between
conscious and unconscious
To the Source of healing, the Ground of
hope and courage, the faithful Physician,
the Life of the universe
my heart flows over.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 8:00am