From Where Did You Come?

From Where Did You Come?

Birth/Brith by Harold M. Schulweis

From where did you arrive?
out of the womb of Eve and the seed of Adam.

Angels show the unborn soul
the secrets of heaven and of earth
The soul pleads with God not to push him from
the comfort of the womb.

"I am well pleased with the world
in which I have been living since the day You called me to be.
Why do you desire me to enter this impure sperm?"

God consoled the soul
Do not cry.
Do not be afraid,
the world in which you enter is better than the world
in which you have lived hitherto. Know, dear soul,
that is was for this that you were created.

Here you will become My ally, My witness,
My co-creator, My co-sanctifier.

Here is your place
Here, you will confirm My name
Here, you will bring strength to those who inhabit the world.
Here, through you,
You will offer testimony of My goodness
Welcome to this world.

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