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Rabbi Joshua Hoffman Articles

03/05/2020 08:49:35 AM


Let the Hannukah Candles Glow in Your Window & in Your Heart

03/09/2020 08:58:03 AM


Rabbi HoffmanThere was a little 4 year old in the neighborhood who announced that he didn’t like his home any more. His mother told him off-handedly he could pack up his things and leave. (Don’t gasp!) The boy gathered some clothes, his blanket and favorite...Read more...

A Journey to Kiev with Purpose

03/09/2020 08:57:39 AM


Rabbi HoffmanThe last time I thought about the plight of Jews in the former Soviet Union was in 1997 at the Pesach seder of my girlfriend’s (and soon to be fiancé’s) family. We sat around the table and read line by line from the booklet their family had been using for...Read more...

Dear Friends... Reflections from Israel 2014

03/09/2020 08:57:16 AM


Rabbi HoffmanDear friends, Shavuah Tov!

I am writing to you after being in Israel for two weeks, studying at the Hartman Institute, reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and making a life here in Jerusalem.  The markets are full of people and fresh...Read more...

Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780