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We Shine Brighter Together

כולנו אור איתן

Celebrating Hanukkah 2018

dreidel-loop-600.gifThe holiday of Hanukkah always comes in the winter when we need the glow and warmth of the light the most. There is so much darkness in this world. We read and watch everyday about how divided we are and how violent the world is. The darkness keeps us apart from each other, even from the person sitting next to us. Judaism teaches us, however, that at the darkest times the responsibility for bringing light to the world is on us.

There is a wonderful Hanukkah song in Hebrew that asks each of us to come together to banish the darkness that surrounds us. Each of us has a small candle, but when we add our candles to others WE SHINE BRIGHTER TOGETHER. We're calling this campaign "WE SHINE BRIGHTER TOGETHER." With each day of Hanukkah we will release an inspiring video to watch before you light the Hanukkah candles. Share them with friends to help spread the light and use #weshinebrightertogether on social media.

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This video series has been generously sponsored by the Dr. Bob and Rhoda Barnhard VBS New Media Project.

Lighting the Hanukkah Candles: Reciting the Blessings

Join the VBS Staff and Clergy in lighting the Hanukkah candles and reciting the Hanukkah blessings

Download Instructions to Light the Hanukkah Candles and recite the Hanukkah Blessings

01.jpgFirst Night: We Shine Brighter Together Introduction

Rabbi Ed Feinstein
First Night of Hanukkah

We Shine Brighter Together

Watch as Rabbi Ed Feinstein kicks off the holiday week reflecting on the joy of being kind to each other as we add light to light, making each of us stronger. Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah!

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Second Night: Celebrate The Joy02.jpg

Keri Loventhal, Etz Chaim Learning Center
Second Night of Hanukkah

Celebrate the Joy

Family in all its forms is a central foundation to Jewish life. With our busy schedules many of us do not make the time for family that we probably should. According to Jewish law, on Hanukkah there is to be a "light unto each house." 

Listen to Etz Chaim Learning Center Director Keri Loventhal as she reflects on this mitzvah and the joy of making time for family under the glow of the candles.

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Third Night: Global People, Global Faith03.jpg

Rabbi Noah Farkas
Third Night of Hanukkah

Global People, Global Faith

Judaism is a global faith and a global people. No matter where we were born, the color of our skin, or the language we speak, each one of us is part of the miracle of Hanukkah.

Watch as Rabbi Noah Farkas reflects on the diversity of Jewish peoplehood as we come together to light the Hanukkah lights.

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Fourth Night: The Mirror of the Futurecandles_night-04.jpg

Rabbi Deborah Schuldenfrei, VBS Day School
Fourth Night of Hanukkah

The Mirror of the Future

What do we discover about ourselves when we light the candles for Hanukkah? What can our children teach us?

Watch as Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School Head of School Rabbi Deborah Schuldenfrei leads students on the lessons of light, discovery and community.

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What's the Essence of Hanukkah?candles_night-04.jpg

Rabbi Joshua Hoffman
Fifth Night of Hanukkah

What's the Essence of Hanukkah?

In the Talmud, the rabbis ask the question, "What is Hanukkah?" There have been many answers to this question, each making up the chorus of voices that get at the central idea of the Festival of Lights.

Watch as Rabbi Hoffman plays with these differing voices in our tradition to discover how they fit into the larger choir that is our ancient tradition.

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candles_night-04.jpgDueling Cantors

Cantor Herschel Fox, Cantor Toby Schwartz, Asher Levy
Sixth Night of Hanukkah

Dueling Cantors

There is nothing better than singing wonderful Hanukkah songs while the candles burn brightly.

Watch as Cantor Herschel Fox and Artist-in-Residence Asher Levy take on Hanukkah music from their respective traditions and come together to sing the festival songs.

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Unexpected Miraclescandles_night-04.jpg

Abby Andiman Mars, VBS Early Childhood Center
Seventh Night of Hanukkah

Unexpected Miracles

On Hanukkah we celebrate the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days. When we light the candles together, we can open ourselves to the miracles of everyday life - making a new friend, having a new experience, discovering a new week full of possibilities.

Watch as VBS ECC Director Abby Andiman Mars reflects on what it means to find miracles in life.

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Eighth Night: Sharing the Light With the World

Rabbi Avi Taff
Eighth Night of Hanukkah

Sharing the Light With the World

Each one of us can be a gift to the world by helping other people. For our last message of the Hanukkah holiday, Rabbi Avi Taff speaks with students about their mitzvah projects and how, together they light up the dark places of the world. This will be a meaningful and powerful expression of our community if we all work together!

We want to personally thank each of you for participating by watching and sharing our content. A special shoutout to Dr. Bob and Rhoda Barnhard who support this work, as well as the schools, clergy, programming and communications teams at VBS who have worked so hard to make this happen. When we support each other and overcome our differences, WE SHINE BRIGHTER TOGETHER. Chag Sameach!

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Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784