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Modeled after the Plato Society of Los Angeles and the Sage Society at Cal State University Northridge, VBS Hazak ORACLE program is a peer led discussion group that meets 7 times during the 1st Semester of Hazak Mondays from 1-2pm after lunch. Study discussion groups involve members who participate by researching topics and making presentations on a variety of subjects determined by the members.

Last year the class dealt with Presidential losers prior to the middle of the 20th century. We were exposed to seven men of high caliber whom we never learned much about in our high school and college history classes. I researched and presented about William Jennings Bryan, who ran and lost for president three times. It was fascinating!” -- Marv Leon

This season’s topic will be Jewish Migration after the fall of the Temple to the Romans in 70 AD. Our members will each report and discuss our stay in Babylonia, our golden years in Spain, our sojourn in Poland, our years in Russia, England and France,  our return to Palestine in the 15th Century, and our history in the United States. At each session, one class member gives a 30-minute presentation related to the overall program, followed by group discussion.

FOR INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER: If you have any questions, or seek further information, please call or e-mail Marv Leon at 818-783-4920, or [email protected].

If you want the chance to be exposed to interesting material and to meet enjoyable companions, we urge you to check out our Oracle program. We are certain you will find much pleasure and fascinating new knowledge if you do so.

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