Living a Jewish Life

At Valley Beth Shalom, we take an active role in making four pillars of Jewish living the foundation for a meaningful life.  Through the four pillars: Torah (wisdom), Avodah (spirituality), Chesed (care for others), and Havurah (social encounters), our synagogue offers a wide variety of encounters with Jewish tradition.  Our goal is to involve every member of our community in some aspect of learning, spirituality, social responsibility, friendship and connection.  

Below you will find many of the opportunities to get involved with the congregation. We want to show you how to grow Jewishly today.

Live a Jewish Life Couples Social and Study - These groups, primarily focused on families with children in the ECC, are formed on a rolling basis.  These gatherings are facilitated by our clergy and offer dynamic and intelligent learning opportunities to bring Judaism actively into the family.  Email Rabbi Joshua Hoffman if you are interested in participating.

Torah and TequilaThese men’s only study groups are organized monthly and explore everything from the weekly Torah portion to contemporary Jewish life.  It’s a chance to meet new friends and reconnect with others. Contact Rabbi Joshua Hoffman to be included.

Tea and Torah - These women only study groups are organized by the Valley Beth Shalom Sisterhood and explore modern Jewish life with Rabbi Ed Feinstein.  Contact Bobbi Rubinstein for more information.

Havurah ProgramIn our synagogue we have many Havurot (social and learning groups), each of them unique, all of them united by similar purposes. Each Havurah is composed of members of the Temple who join together in each other's homes to celebrate Jewish living. The Havurah seeks to translate into our lives the culture, ethic and joy of Judaism.  

Shabbat with FriendsVBS has created a program where members host Shabbat dinners in their homes. Members get a chance to interact on a one on one basis with other members in the community.  To learn more contact, [email protected]

Social Action Programs - The Chesed Connection is Valley Beth Shalom’s center for volunteers. Our community works together to feed the hungry, care for the poor and the sick, house the homeless and more.  

Adult B'nai Mitzvah Program - Our Adult B’nai Mitzvah course prepares adults to comfortably access the texts and prayers of our tradition. 

How To JudaismHave you ever wondered where our Jewish traditions, holidays and practices originate from? Maybe you were wondering about the proper way to hang a mezuzah on the door post of your new home? Or, are you interested in trying tefillin but aren't sure how to wrap the boxes properly?  Our Website offers a wealth of information to help you with these and many other issues.