Every year around the High Holidays we are asked to return to something that doesn't change. We take a breath and look at our values, our inspiration, to connections we have with friends and family. We go to the source, called Makor in Hebrew. The source of who we are and what makes each of us unique. Makor is where we tap into eternity through our tradition. Makor is where we find inspiration through prayer and meditation. Makor is where we connect to others. Makor is where we regain our perspective and find joy by doing acts of loving kindness.    

One of the names of God is Makor Hayim, "Source of Life," teaching that what is truly godly, never changes. This year, make the space in your busy life to tap into your makor. When you do, may you find the inspiration, joy, and goodness to live a godly life.  

The Makor Initiative is a multi-platform educational, spiritual, and communal experience. It launches on Monday, September 11, and continues through the High Holidays and into Sukkot. We focus on four areas of thought:

  • Learning our eternal truths
  • Tapping into our core selves
  • Connecting to those we care for
  • Growing through acts of loving-kindness

Makor Video Channel
Each week we will be sending an email message from our rabbis -- along with materials for further study. We invite you to view and share the videos through social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) using #vbsMakor. Click here to visit the Makor video channel >

Makor Moments
We will also be talking about Makor at our services and communal gatherings. Rabbi Feinstein will be teaching about each of the four focus areas at his Shabbat Morning Torah Study. The theme will also be highlighted through the High Holiday services including at our Selichot Services and Learning session on September 16. Click here for our full list of High Holiday services >

Makor Art Exhibit
The art exhibition displayed in the hallways of VBS is a collection of contemporary artists inspired by Makor. Click here to learn more >

Makor Ribbon Project
Outside the front steps of our synagogue, a beautiful tapestry of interwoven ribbons inscribed with our community's blessings is being created day by day. We invite you to participate by contributing to the Makor Ribbon Project. Click here to learn more >

What's YOUR Makor?


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Makor Supplemental Materials