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Join us for the Valley Beth Shalom Annual Gala

Sunday, June 2, 2024  |  5pm

Reesa and Gerald Niznick • Jack (z"l) and Rita Sinder • Irene and Howard Levine

With Special Appreciation to Building Campaign Co-Chairs
Nancy Sher Cohen • Jeff Levine                


Gala Promotional Video

To Build and to be Built - The 2024 VBS Gala Video


Lisa and Victor Kohn

Irene and Howard Levine & family 

Reesa and Gerald Niznick


Alyce and Philip de Toledo


Rita Sinder

Peggy and Edward Robin Family Foundation: Peggy and Edward (z"l) Robin, Jill and Nat Linhardt and Nurit and Richard Robin


VBS Counseling Center


Nancy and Scott Beiser
Donna and Ron Bender
Sylvie and Mark Deutsch
Allyn and Jeff Levine

Ellen and Richard Sandler
Kim and Darryl Schall


Dr. Bob Barnhard
Ilene and Dennis Berman
Ellen and David Braun
Capital Group
Nancy Sher Cohen
Faith and Jonathan Cookler
Elaine and David Gill
Nancy and Marty Gorman

Karen and Jeff Goss
Marcie and Scott Howard
Barbara Mack and Norman Levine
Claire and Don Marks
Sharon and Collin Plume
Nancy and Jay Schulman
Laurelle and Barry Wolfe


Jess and Lill Beim
Susan and Jack Frydrych
Stuart Gabriel and Judith Katzburg

Ellie and Mark Lainer
Ann Lieberman
Debbie and Moshe Meppen
Steve Hochstadt and Steve Sass
Michelle and David Spiegel


Abramson Architects
Lucienne and Lee Adams
Sylvia Bernstein-Tregub
Lisa and Mark Binder
Tzipy and Buzzy Bookman
Aileen and Gil Borok
Jessica and Kambiz Boudai
Bonnie Smigel Derin and Greg Derin
Lisa Lainer-Fagan and Brian Fagan
Jerry Feinstein
Emily and Alan Feit
Toby and Aaron Feit
Jean and Jerry Friedman
Robbie and Saul Gershkowitz
Karen and Mark Getelman
Roslyn and David Grinberg
Linda and Larry Gross
Sandy and Bill Goodglick
George and Lisa Hess
Malcolm Katz and Sally Weber
Thalia and Eric Kingsley
Amy and Jon Konheim

Jerry and Linda Lebovitz
Virginia and Francis Maas
Marcie and Steve Medof
Robin and Darren Melameth
Pam and Jerry Offsay
Linda and Bart Pachino
Beth and Jay Rakow
Pam and Ron Reiter
Janice Kamenir-Reznik and Benjamin Reznik
Adele Reznikoff
Claudia and Sandor Samuels
Annette and Dan Shapiro
Marcy and Doran Tajkef
Marcia and Dick Volpert
Hannah and Jeffrey Wachs
Sharon Wiviott


*sponsors as of May 13, 2024

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VBS Annual Gala 2024
Sunday, June 2, 2024 | 5pm

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Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784