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Happy Parents (testimonials)


Meet some of our Happy Parents:
Our daughter is so excited to go to school every day! She has grown so much in the last two years emotionally, intellectually and socially. The ECC has been an ideal environment for her as the teachers’ nurturing touch has made all the difference.

Our twins were much better prepared for Kindergarten after their year at VBS ECC TK. It made a huge difference in their confidence levels and love for learning.                                                

The ECC feels like home. My boys are so fortunate to grow up in such a warm and loving environment.

We are a young Jewish family that was raised in a Jewish family abroad. We’ve been searching for all of that in the valley and we found everything and more here at VBS ECC.  

The ECC is THE place to begin your child’s academic experience. There is no better preschool in the valley!

The ECC has been a wonderfully supportive and enriching learning environment for our children. All of our teachers have been  loving, caring and truly vested in our children's growth.

The ECC Preschool is a very warm and comforting environment for my child. I have marveled at her growth, socially and emotionally.


Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780